Developing with GitHub Codespaces

How to get up and running with Dapr in a GitHub Codespace

GitHub Codespaces are the easiest way to get up and running in a Dapr environment. In as little as a single click you have the environment, packages, code, samples, and documentation all ready to go in your browser.


  • Click and Run: Get a dedicated and sandboxed environment with all of the required frameworks and packages ready to go.
  • Usage-based Billing: Only pay for the time you spend developing in the Codespace. Environments are spun down automatically when not in use.
  • Portable: Run in your browser or in Visual Studio Code

Open a Dapr repo in a Codespace

To open a Dapr repository in a Codespace simply select “Code” from the repo homepage and “Open with Codespaces”:

Screenshot of creating a Dapr Codespace

Supported repos

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